I have a problem. I cannot get over my friend’s kids. The energy, love, and curiosity they have is almost contagious (almost, because…they wear you out). Recently, I was looking for photos from last fall and came upon these from a weekend trip away. How much fun is apple picking! Or tree climbing! Or scaring yourself by standing too close to a herd of cows!? This childhood curiosity- how can I emulate it in my photographs?

PS: I need to start taking photos of my friends as much as their kids.

Gidley_Kiddos-1 Gidley_Kiddos-2 Gidley_Kiddos-3 Gidley_Kiddos-4 Gidley_Kiddos-5 Gidley_Kiddos-6 Gidley_Kiddos-7 Gidley_Kiddos-8

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