My life must be a charmed one, only at the age of 29 do I feel like the world is falling down around itself. I do not mean personal dramas or dilemmas, but that current events are seemingly turning everything on its head. In 2011, I remember feeling similarly with the crises in Libya and Egypt, but now I am seeing those as precursors to today. There is so much hatred and angst as we try to pinpoint who is at fault and what we can do to create change. Worldwide, people are angry and hurting- and there are so many outlets to vent that frustration. I find myself clenching tight all I think I know about relationships and the world, trying to make sense of it all.

A dingy crosses the Aegean Sea overloaded with refugees- I grasp onto my family.
Political debates swirling with such nonsensical outcomes- I hold my friends close.
Bombing to communicate an ideology and dominance- I tightly grip my husband.

There must be a helpful way to ease up on the suffocating grip around my loved ones. There must be grace, and there has to be a way to help and heal. Pittsburgh- what can we do? Short of jumping on a plane and heroically stopping all hurt and pain, how can we help? What grace can we show those hurting?



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