This weekend was beautiful. Jesse and I packed up food, games, drinks, and our hiking boots and left the city for the weekend. We had a fireplace and zero cell service, it was wonderful. All of these photographs were taken on our hike on Saturday- and I could just leave it with these photos. Makes you think we had a pretty idyllic weekend. But there are going to be other things we remember too. Like this police standoff less than a mile from our cabin. While hiking, we heard flash bombs. When we cozied up to the fireplace after dinner, our electricity was cut off- which could be romantic- except no cell service, darkness, and more flash bombs. The next morning, the electricity came back on while we were packing up, the bad guy was arrested, and life went back to normal. It’s more amusing than anything, how easy it is to make our lives seem perfect online- I know I’m guilty of it, so let’s change that, shall we?


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